Friday, April 2, 2010

My Poor Little Guy

This is how he wakes up most mornings -- with one eye stuck shut. His tear duct in his right eye is blocked and it hasn't gone away on its own so he will most likely be having surgery in the upcoming months. I feel bad for the poor guy. He hates when I wipe the mucous out of it, which I have to do like 10 times a day. I can't wait for this issue to be resolved, and I bet he can't either.

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Anonymous said...

Jared's eye would do the same thing. We ended up doing surgery on him a year ago, when he was four. Come to find out, the pediatric opthamologist said that kids under 2 years old, she would just fix right there in the office with just a sedetive and without surgery. They would just poke a little whole in the duct and insert a little tube to open up the membrane. I wish we would have done that instead. But the surgery went fairly quick, 10 minutes I think, it's just the anesthesia part that was tough!