Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seriously? Two days in a row! UGH!

So. . . I convinced Shaun to plant grass in our backyard.
Currently we have all rocks back there! It's hard to take a 1 year old back there to play because he puts them in his mouth constantly. We survived last summer just fine without grass. But there are so many things we can't do: sprinkler, badminton, t-ball, soccer. I mean, a slip and slide just isn't the same on rocks! I'm a big advocate of letting kids run around and play outside! So that's why I really want grass.
Well, planting grass is a LOT of work! We have to tear down an awning to our shed, weed over half our backyard, move the rocks (anybody want rocks?), rototill, roll it out, then plant!
We are planning on planting on May 15, but we have Stake Conference this weekend (btw, Shaun is speaking!!!) and we are in Spokane the next weekend, and then we PLANT!!! So we've got lots to do, and I am VERY stressed!
So, I told Shaun that I would start weeding in the back during nap times this week. The forecast called for off-and-on showers all week. Well yesterday it was pretty nice all morning and then, of course, as soon as nap time started, the rain and the wind started. So no weed pulling yesterday!
Then today. . . THE SAME THING HAPPENED!!! Does the rain God not know I am stressed?
PLEASE STOP RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

I kept forgetting to ask you if you were going to do it. Now I know! Good luck! If you need help with anything let us know!!! We're pros at planting grass. haha! I'm sick of the rain, too, because of my training runs! I'm glad it's going to be nice this weekend at least! Oh, and we would love to take some of your rock off your hands:)

Bryce and Jenalee said...

Yes, the rain god does know. And he laughs at your frustrations.

John, Tish and Peyton Maughan said...

Emily, do what my family does...declare an "Amish Work Day" and invite everyone to come over for a couple of hours. Let the kids run wild outside while the adults help out and everything will be done before you know it! Let us know when you set the time and date!