Friday, April 30, 2010

Natural Disaster? or Terrorist Attack?

2/3 of our green yard debris bin is full!!! I worked outside during both nap times yesterday and was out there working during the current nap time until I got caught in a down pour and had to run inside! I would say I'm about half way done. I was really hoping to finish the weeds today! But I guess I get to blog until the rain stops!

While I've been pulling weeds, I've been trying to get the ENTIRE root. I really don't want weeds in our brand new lawn. So I've been doing a lot of digging. I've encountered thousands of spiders, and even more bugs. I started thinking, I'm pulling up these bugs homes.

I wonder if the bugs consider this a natural disaster. You know, like hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods. There is usually a season where these disasters take place. Just like spring/summer for weeding.

Or are they offended with this weed pulling and view it more as a terrorist attack because it can be prevented. Somebody is actually performing the act of literally uprooting their homes! But people aren't doing it to harm them. Just to get rid of the unsightly weeds that intrude their yards.

These are the things that I think about while weeding alone!

I think it stopped raining, so I better get back out there!



Jenny said...

Your post makes me laugh. I think about things like that, too. Happy terrorizing!


Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness...I don't know if I'm proud that you're my sister because you're so funny...or embarassed because you're so crazy! Hahaha I'm so glad I can look at your posts again! :)