Friday, April 23, 2010

He's ONE!!!

Today's the day!
I can't believe my Baby Boy is ONE already!

There were times during this past year that I wasn't sure the first year would ever come to an end. But there were also a few times during the year that I wish we could have just frozen our life!

*** My little man has started cuddling way more than he ever did (even when he was a tiny newborn!) I LOVE this! He also loves to have his back rubbed. Grammy is the best at this! But mom can make do when she's not around! He loves to cuddle with his blankie too! When he gets tired he will find his blankie on the floor and go lay on it! He is definitely a blankie boy!

*** He is not walking yet, but is super speedy on the hands and knees. He stands up with out holding on to anything and every once in a while will take one step to try to get to something. He loves to walk around the house pushing his Dora car. He loves to dump out any basket, unload the dishwasher all over the kitchen floor, and clear any shelf that is within reach. He's my WILD man!

*** Gage LOVES tunnels! At first Daddy would just put a blanket over our couch and ottoman and he would crawl around in circles going through the tunnel. But, some of our totally awesome friends got him a pop-out tunnel for his birthday. Now I'm pretty sure he lives in it! :)

*** Brother Boy has his first crush . . . and it's no secret! He is obsessed with Dora, and his sister is too so it works out! He loves this Dora, and it's just his size. Some days when he is super grouchy and nothing I try is calming him down I turn on a Dora show and he's in a trance! I've never seen anything like it! P.S. I'm pretty sure he can say Dora too. :)

*** Don't let him fool you . . . he STILL hates his car seat, even after we turned it around. He liked it facing forward for about 5 minutes then started the back arching, head throwing, and ear piercing scream. This should make for several LONG summer road trips!

*** He still reminds me of my dad everyday! For those that knew my dad, is this picture of him not just screaming RICK OLSEN to you?

*** He has the biggest smile and the sharpest 4 teeth I've ever seen. Maisey can attest to that after the large bite mark he left on her right bicep! OUCH! Don't you just want to squeeze his cheeks though?

*** We celebrated at Red Robin with some family Monday night! Gage didn't mind the waiters singing to him and you can see he didn't waste any time digging into the whip cream! :)

*** We're heading to Red Robin AGAIN tonight! Gotta continue the actual birthday tradition!
I can't believe we've both made it through the year! Hope the next one is filled with all of the happy moments from this past year! We love you so much!
Happy Birthday my Toddler Boy!

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Jenny said...

Wow! That year went by fast... for me! Happy Birthday, Gage!