Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beach Bums

We headed to the beach on Memorial Day. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that neither of my kids have ever been to the beach! Maisey was excitedly telling everybody for the last few weeks that we were going to the beach. Well, to her dismay, the beach (at least in Oregon) is not everything Dora, Kai Lan, and Max and Ruby make it out to be. But the rain held out on us and we just had to endure freezing cold temps.

Gage ABSOLUTELY loved the sand! Playing in it, being buried in it, and eating it! YUM!

Maisey was trying so hard to like the beach! Porter was trying to show her how much fun it was, but she wasn't too convinced.

She did actually get her feet wet. She liked the water better than the sand!

Look at his sandy mouth! Let's just say I changed SEVERAL sandy/poopy diapers today!

Daddy helped Maisey fly her Dora kite and after we got back she said that was her favorite part of the trip!

Mommy and Maisey trying to stay warm!

After the beach our friends took us geocaching for the first time! Shaun is adpoting this as his new favorite hobby! Anybody else ever done this?

Finding his first box!


Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Now we need to plan a trip like in September when it will actually be warm!

that's what she said...

i have friends that go geocaching with their kids and love it. i've never tried it myself but have considered. glad you guys survived the cold temps at the beach!