Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Poor Little Guy and My Big Brave Girl

This morning, Gage had surgery on his right eye. He had a plugged tear duct, so the doc went in and opened it up. After surgery he came out to talk to me and told me that most people have 2 tear ducts for each eye. One on the top and one on the bottom. Well, Gage does not have a top tear duct on his right eye and his bottom one was clogged, hence all the nasty drainage we've had problems with in the past.

Hopefully the probing of the one tear duct that he does have will fix the problem. If not, we will be going back in for surgery #2 for the doc to construct a tear duct! Doesn't sound fun, huh?

He was quite a trooper. Of course, he cried when they took him from me. It was SAD! But he was so agitated and irritable when he was coming out of anesthesia. He didn't want to be held, put down, milk, froot (that's how they're spelled!) loops, water, a banana, ANYTHING! I ended up leaving with him screaming because I figured I might as well drive while he's screaming. Once he got home and saw his daddy, he stopped crying immediately! I guess his Daddy just has the touch.

When Maisey had her surgery, I didn't remember her crying that much when she came out of it, but then I read this and it sounded pretty similar to Gage.

He had/still has lots of bloody and mucousey drainage coming out of his nose. Hopefully that stops soon.

He's been sleeping for the past 3 hours! YAY!!!

The nurse told me to give him ibuprofen to help with the pain, but, just my luck, because of the recent recall, Wal-mart is not stocking infant ibuprofen and tylenol. Bummer!

Here's my lil' guy gettin ready!

The sitting in the chair thing didn't last long. He soon turned into Mr. Wild Man. He was probably searching for food! He hadn't had anything to eat or drink since 5:30 pm the night before.

Post-Op he was served some yummy pancakes and a banana. His all-time favorite meal!

This big brave girl and her handsome daddy sang in Sacrament Meeting last Sunday. She did a great job and was sure to pronounce every word, just so. She did not get shy at all. They sang "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission" and "I Love To See The Temple." Maybe sometime I will video her singing them and post it up here. It really is adorable.
I love these 2 kiddos like crazy!

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Anonymous said...

Poor little man! I remember Jared's eye surgery for the exact same thing. Thankfully they gave him some medicine to drink before the surgery and while we were there to help relax him. The bloody drainage stopped two days later. But what really upset me was the tube or stent they placed in his tear duct fell out two days later. Fortunately, his duct has stayed open. Good luck!