Friday, June 11, 2010


It just hit me.
A week ago I was confidant!
Now, I'm feeling nervous.
And anxious.
Tomorrow is the big day.
The RACE!!!
And now I'm flyin' solo.
And it's going to be hot.
I know I can do this!
I mean it's only 13.1 miles.
I can do it, Right?


that's what she said...

you are going to do awesome!

i know so many people that have had to drop out....2 (including myself) from knee injuries and 1 from kidney stones this last week. Enjoy it for the rest of us....and suffer up those hills for us too. ;)

Marcela Cocco said...

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DaNae said...

U got that girl. Good luck and I can't wait for a post race post. Stay hydrated!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Em!!!! Can't wait to hear the results. Just do your best!!! Love ya Judy

dana said...

you got this!!! good luck. i will be thinking of you!

Kelsey said...

I'm sure you did great! I can't wait to talk to you later and here how everything went! :)