Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Culprit

This little red dirt devil has not been well liked at our house lately!

When Maisey's auntie gave it to her for Christmas 2 years ago, it was the coveted toy! She LOVED it!!!

But this is what has happened this week:

*2 nights ago Maisey woke up in the middle of the night SCREAMING!!!! Shaun went in there to see what was wrong and she kept yelling "Get the bunny out! Get the bunny out!" Shaun couldn't figure out what she was saying until she very timidly got out of bed and pointed to the vacuum's shadow on the wall. Apparently it looked like a bunny to her! So Shaun took it out of her room and she went right back to sleep.

*I put her to bed last night and I went out and about 10 minutes later she started screaming again! So I went in and again it was the vacuum! So I went to put it in her closet so she couldn't see it and she didn't even want it in there. So I put it in the playroom.

*This morning the vacuum was still in the playroom and Gage was wandering around the house and playing! He went in the playroom and immediately came out screaming! I thought this was very unusual so I took him back in there to see what was wrong. He saw the vacuum again and clung to me like he was about ready to fall off a 50 ft. cliff.

What is with this little toy? It really is harmless. . . I think!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

We have the same vacuum, but it's not our kids that hate it. In fact, they love it, but they leave it on all the time and it drives Brandon & I nuts! It's been hidden in our extra closet for months now & it's been soooo nice! I guess I could just take the batteries out, but it's been nice not to have it at all!