Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Last Leg. . .

We are on our last leg of our almost 3 week vacation! So far we have been through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, back to Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and now we're back in Utah for the week! Daddy flew home tonight, so I'm single-parenting it for this last week!

We've experienced some incredibly fun times, a very sad moment, and some absolutely hilarious moments.

I was expecting to have wireless internet in our condo this week, but we don't, so no picture updates yet! There will be plenty coming! :)

I just wanted to record a few funny things that Maisey has said in the last few days:

Maisey: "Scott do you have any monies?"
Scott: "Yes"
Maisey (hand outstretched): "Can you just put them right here in my hand please?"
Atta girl Maisey! She sure is clever!

We spent the day in Vegas today and took the kids to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. I took Maisey to the bathroom and she was taking FOREVER to go! In the meantime some other lady came in to use the bathroom and she farted really loud in the toilet so it echoed! Maisey yelled really loud, "Mommy, someone in here farted!" I was so embarrassed! Lucky for me Maisey still took another 15 minutes before she went so that lady was LONG gone! What are we teaching this girl?

We were taking my grandma out to dinner the other night and my mom had to drive her in her car because we had a full car and she uses a wheel chair. So I dropped my mom off at her house and then offered to help my mom lift her wheel chair into her car. When I got back in the car Maisey was laughing really hard! She was saying that we should tie grandma on top of the car to take her to dinner and then laughing really hard about it. But then she got really serious about it and said "But if she falls off and gets an owie, that wouldn't be funny." At least she's sensitive, right?

Gage has been WAY better than expected so far! He has been a trooper being drug everywhere, but he has also had a lot of fun! His communication has improved tremendously on this trip! He is such a little cutie! I can't wait to post some pics!

See you all in a week!

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Andrew and Katrina said...

andrew here...we miss you guys. It feels like its been a while now. You all look great. Cute kids. We are loving life out here in ohio. I'm working really hard trying to learn to be a great optometrist. We are going to be in the seattle area around october 8th ish. My dad is getting married. If you have any other reason to be in Seattle at that time you should come by and say hi. Although i'm not sure what our schedule will be like at all. Also tell shaun...open invitation to a buckeye home game if he wants to fly out. We've got two tickets each game. my treat. I've been dangling them to get people to come and visit us...worked on my dad and my brother for the miami and penn state games this fall so far. Take care!