Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Vaca 1/6: Rexburg is the new Spokane

Shaun's fam moved to Rexburg on Friday, June 25. We arrived on Saturday, June 26. We spent most of our time taking stuff to the dump/storage, playing card games, eating out at some of our favorite places (like Cafe Rio for the first time in 2 years!), and making sure Maisey and Gage didn't attack Madison, the dog. We also went on a few adventures!
The first one was Yellowstone's Bear World!

We let the kids sit on our laps instead of in their car seats! They thought that was pretty cool. They were able to see so much more!

That's Shaun's family's van in front of us! That bear was so close to them!


She was really creeped out to put that hat on! It didn't stay on for very long!

Maisey liked watching the bear cubs play fight!

Gage loved the petting zoo. . . Maisey not so much! She was terrified and trying to climb up Daddy's back. She was afraid of all of the chickens running around!

They also had some free rides at Bear World, so we let the kids ride them! They thought it was great!

Also during the week we went to the BYU-I campus to see Papa's new office!

Maisey left some artwork on his board for him!

One of the mornings, Shaun, his parents, and his grandparents went to do a session at the temple. I stayed back with the kids and decided to take them on a walk. We walked from the house to the temple, then to campus, then home. I got very lost around campus and I ended up walking for 7 miles, pushing the kids in the stroller, up BIG hills, in really hot weather! When we got home, I was really dehydrated and my calves were sore for like 3 days!

But we did get some really neat pictures at the Rexburg Temple.

Look at my cuties!

Just by looking at the way Maisey is looking at Gage you can tell he was up to no good! Soon after this picture he face planted it off the bench on to the ground! We caused quite a scene!

Although we are sad that we won't see our Spokane friends as often, we are happy for the Grimmett's new change in their lives. Richard is starting a new and exciting phase of his life, and Shaun and I are so happy for him! It will take them all a little while to get adjusted, but they we be calling Rexburg there "home" in no time!

And Maisey is excited to go to "Papa's new house" again!

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Toby and Tammy said...

We love Rexburg! That's where Toby is from and we both went to school there. I have never been to Bear World, but now I want to go. Looks like fun!