Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Vaca 4/6: St. George with Dad

We got into St. George late Sunday night. Grandma Moore still insisted we stop by to say hi! My aunt Nancy and her new husband, Hal were there to greet us too! The night was . . . interesting! Gage was into EVERYTHING and Hal was a Ute fan, and he made sure we all knew!

We checked into our condo that night! We had the absolute most perfect location. If we called to ask for a specific room that's what it would have been! It was SO nice! Bottom floor, corner, right next the the pool! From our back sliding door to the pool was probably 25 yards! And let me tell ya, we took advantage of that!

The next morning we were at the pool, ready to swim at 9 am! Right when it opened! We swam ALL morning! We then hit up In N' Out for some delicious lunch! Daddy took the kids back to the condo for naps and Grammy and I went to do some shopping! We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and then visited the game room at the condo for some nice family fun!

Since we got to the pool a little early we played at the little park right by the pool!

For some reason, Gage was really scared of the water the first time we put him in! He was climbing back up Grammy's leg!

We sure had fun as a family!

The kids loved Daddy pushing them around in this double floatie!
Grammy spent the morning texting all of her sisters while we all swam!

And Grammy spent the evenings cuddling Gage and giving him back rubs! Grammy's rubs are PERFECT!

Gage and Daddy spent a little time in the arcade driving cars!

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