Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Vaca 6/6: St. George without Dad

The day after Daddy left, my mom's Mother/Daughter time started. Her and her mom and her sisters all get together and play games, do crafts, swim, eat treats, and visit. My cousin Michelle and her little boy Kade came this year. It was nice to not be the only married grandchild there! Thanks for the company Michelle!

Kade is the cutest little boy and Maisey loved playing with him and swimming with him! She kept asking if she could pet the baby! :)
We also played with "Grandma Smore" a lot! Maisey loved her house because there were so many things to look at. Gage hated her house because there were so many things to look at! haha! I don't know why Maisey called her Grandma Smore the whole time, but it was pretty funny!

Grandma Smore let each of the kids pick out a Beanie Baby. (P.S. My Grandma is a HUGE collector. That's why her house is not kid friendly! She has multiples of everything you could ever collect. No joke!) Maisey chose a dragon, which she called her unicorn for the rest of the trip!

We took family pictures with all of the aunts and cousins that were in town during the week! My Grandma didn't want anyone else to be there to take the pictures for us so on the big group shots I put my camera on a ladder rung and then had to run to hop in the pictures! It got interesting but I think we got a few good ones!

The Kiddos!

Morgan and Shailee were awesome helpers so I could take all of the pictures! Maisey called them the big girls (just like the Widing girls!) the whole week and could often be found tagging a long with them!

Yes, I am the ONLY girl in white! I didn't know we were doing pics and red is SO not in this year! I seriously couldn't find ANYTHING red that didn't make me look 70!

And Gage is the only one wearing blue! :) My aunt Nancy's new husband is a huge Ute fan and knows that we are loyal Cougs! He would have rubbed it in my face if I let him wear a red shirt, so I sacrificed my Grandma's happiness for my own dignity! GO COUGS!!!

Grandma "Smore" with her grand kids and 3 great grand kids!
Our fam that was there!

Nancy's fam that was there!

Amy's fam!

Sue's fam that was there!

Maisey and Morgan running off to play!

A Mother/Daughter dinner at Hal and Nancy's

I entertained Gage with their dog, Shelby. . .

. . . While Morgan entertained Maisey with dress-up! This little girl was in princess heaven!

Our 4 generation picture!!! (Don't judge -- it was the last day of our trip and we were ALL done with posed pictures!)

I spent most of the week taking my kids swimming twice a day, laying out during nap time, participating in a few mother/daugther activities at my grandma's, beating the 106 degree heat, and trying to survive the single parent life! We also got to attend my cousin Morgan's baptism and swim with my aunt Leslie and her family. It was nice to stay in the same place for a whole week!

Our drama for the week: One night my mom was doing some mother/daughter things and I decided to stay back because my kids had not gone to bed before 10 pm for like 5 nights in a row. I was going to take them swimming and then get them to bed at a decent time. I got them in their suits, but I didn't put their shoes on. I has carrying Gage in one arm, our bag full of towels and all of our floaties in the other arm. As we were walking from the condo to the pool we got right to the gate to get in and Maisey starts screaming and hopping around. I realized her feet were burning so I tried to hurry and drop the bag and floaties and pick her up. At the same time she is trying to climb up me and she's pulling on my swimming suit top and stepping on the waist of my bottoms and she's screaming so everyone is looking and yeah. . . do you see where this is going? Let's just say everybody at the pool that night got a show! And P.S. nobody offered to help. They all just sat there and stared. I hurried and put her feet in the pool but after 10 minutes she was still crying. So I decided to head back to the condo. This time I carried BOTH kids, our bag full of towels, and all of our floaties! I got Maisey changed into dry clothes, and put her feet on ice packs on the couch. I went to go change my clothes and when I was half way undressed I noticed my son had opened the front door and escaped out into the parking lot! I'm definitely not a candidate for Mother of the Year Award for 2010. Half dressed, I corraled Gage back into the condo. I went to the pharmacy to get Maisey some burn gel for her feet and she walked on the sides of her feet that night and the next day but after that, she seems to be back to normal. . . except for the metal scarring. Since we've been back she has told the 2 library workers and all of her friends about how she burned her feet.


Mich and Nate said...

I LOVE all your pics! You did a great job at taking a good variety. I also loved seeing all the pics from your other parts of your vacation. ps that swing set looks amazing. How fun for the kids! And you because it will entertain them for hours :).... We miss you guys already!!!!

Jana Porter said...

emily! i found your blog yay! your family is so so cute! sounds like you survived the single parent life pretty well!