Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Texting while driving!

I've expressed my opinion several times about the cell phone ban in Oregon. I hate that it's a primary offense. I hate that it's even a law to begin with! I can think of so many other things that can be more distracting than talking on your cell phone -- kids, dvd players, i pods, eating, etc. I loved being on our vacation because in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado, I didn't have to worry about a cop seeing me talk or text while I was driving!
Well, today, I caught a glimpse of why texting while driving can be a dangerous thing!
I was at Safeway, driving one of these. . .. . . and texting my aunt at the same time! I crashed right into a shelf thing in the bakery and knocked off several clam shells filled with cookies. Most of them opened, with cookies falling on to the floor. And for the packages that didn't open, more than half of the cookies were broken. :( It was highly embarrassing. The bakery ladies were really nice about it though.
I guess I didn't learn the first time, because a few weeks ago I was also driving one of the aforementioned carts, at the aforementioned store and was trying to maneuver the dang thing through the floral section while talking to my mom on the phone. I hit a big bucket of flowers and it tipped over, spilling all of the water inside! And not to mention the flowers. They had to close down the area and call a guy to come a clean it up!
I am now banning myself from texting/talking on my cell phone while driving these stupid shopping carts!!!
(But not my real car!)
Post Script: Apparently in Utah and Colorado, it IS against the law (oops!) to text while driving, but you can still talk! :)
Thanks for the clarification!


Desiree said...

Those carts are ridiculous! They're like driving semi's on small streets (not that I know what that's like, but it could be :-) How embarassing!

The Rhodehouse's said...

Wow Em!That was highly entertaining to read...too bad I wasn't there or it would have been even funnier!!!

Jeff and Brandi said...

That is hilarious! and FYI... It is against the law to text while driving in Utah!

Anonymous said...

That is very funny about the shopping cart!It is sad that you would put your precious children's lives (and the other innocent people also on the road) in jeopardy over a text while driving. No life is worth losing over a stupid text message.

Kelsey said...

That is hilarious! What I think is sad is that someone had to leave their extremely rude comment anonymously- you have enough guts to say that, but not enough to own up to it...lame.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous people SUCK!!!

-Justin McCoy