Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Vaca 2/6: Utah

We left Rexburg at 7:00 am to head down to Utah! We went to Lagoon all day Thursday 7/1. That night we stayed with Kate and Blair in Provo. Boy was it roasting! It reminded us of the good old days in Provo! On Friday, we took the kids to BYU campus, to Winger's, swimming, and to ice cream! We tried to cram as much in as we could!
"I wear my sunglasses at . . . 5 AM!!!" This girl woke up at 3 am and came running over to our bed and whispered, "Mommy, is it wake up time?" As I lifted her into bed with us I told her, "No, go back to sleep!" And then at 5 am she sat up, woke Daddy up and said, "Daddy get up! It's time to go to ride the rides!" So we got up and started getting ready! She was so excited and she let everyone know!
The kids LOVED the rides! They rode almost all of them by themselves because you can't ride the kiddie rides if you're over 4 feet. I was a little surprised that they didn't cry on any of them! I didn't care that we didn't really ride anything. I had more fun watching my kids have fun! It was SUPER hot so we made sure to stay hydrated with lots of water!

Their first ride!
Driving the car!
The fam!
This ride went faster than I thought it did and Maisey kept saying "whoa, whoa, whoa" over and over again! I kinda felt bad, but they were both really brave!

We cooled down with some nice ICEE's!!!

The next day we took the kids to BYU campus. We went to the Bean Museum, the Bell Tower, visited Uncle Blair at work, went to the Bookstore, and at lunch at the Cougar Eat.
Maisey was scared to turn her back to all of the animals! The kids had a great time looking at everything there, but had a hard time not touching!

We waited for a few minutes at the bell tower so Maisey could listen to the bells that rang at noon! She LOVED them!

I know this is out of order, but we also stopped in Provo at Kate and Blair's on our way back home! Blair's parents were there and we had a nice dinner and the kids ate chocolate pudding for dessert. This may have been both of their favorite parts of the whole trip!

Now that is a pure, genuine smile!

Gage kept going back and forth between me and Blair's mom Carleen for a bite. He sure loved his dessert. . .

. . . Maybe a little too much!

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