Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was pretty low key. We had to keep it like that because Shaun was on call and ended up working all evening last night. Luckily he didn't get any calls today! We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. After dinner we gave the Elders their stockings that Maisey and I made. They had fruit, candy, shoe shiner, a tie, and a McDonald's gift card in it. They turned out really cute! Then we played a fun game.

Maisey LOVES taking pictures with my camera. She took these ones and that's why heads/bodies are cut off!
After the game, Shaun, Maisey and I each shared one of our favorite Christmas stories and then we all got to eat a treat that had to do with the story. Shaun read a little poem about an unwanted Christmas tree. We all ate Christmas tree cupcakes. Maisey read a story called "I Believe in Santa Claus." It is an AWESOME book and she did such a great job reading it. We ate Santa graham crackers. Then I read "Christmas Oranges" and we all ate chocolate oranges.
Our yummy dessert.
This Christmas Eve was different than any other. It was weird not having family around to share the evening with.

This little guy wasn't feeling very good, so we put him to bed at 7 and Maisey was not too far behind him!

Because the kids were in bed early, Santa was able to come early!

The kids are getting some great things!

We can't wait for the morning!

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