Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

So, we got a new video camera a few weeks ago, and I was so focused on using that this morning that I kinda forgot to take real pictures too! Once I realized it, the most exciting parts were over!

Gagey had already dug into his stocking! He enjoyed some chocolate for breakfast while riding his new scooter.

Maisey also tested out her new scooter!

And her new big girl seat! Santa must have been listening to her BEGGING for a big girl seat!

I made Gage an ABC scrapbook for Christmas! It turned out really cute and he LOVES it!

Maisey made a cute photo ornament for Shaun and I at preschool. She was SO excited for us to open it! And, she did a great job at keeping it a secret!

Gagey is opening up a big Thomas the Train set! He got tons of trains and trucks this year!

I am opening my "BIG" gift from Shaun! He scheduled me an appointment at a day spa for next Tuesday! He worked it out with his manager to work from home so he can watch the kids! I can't wait to get my ice cream pedicure! It sounds SO SO SO great!

Maisey was sure excited about EVERY.SINGLE.PRESENT she opened this year! But among her favorites: A princess dress-up trunk and all of the princess shoes!

Here is Shaun opening his "BIG" gift from me! I was so excited for him to open them! He had NO idea I got him this really expensive pair of shoes he's had his eye on for over a year! It was so fun to see his face!

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