Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Primary Class Christmas Party

When I got a new calling in November, I was kind of sad to leave my primary class. A few months ago, I made them a deal. Everytime they brought their scriptures to class we would put a star on a chart. So if 3 people brought their scriptures on that particular Sunday, then we would put 3 stars up. If they met their goal of 35 stars then we were going to have a class Christmas party at my house.
I got released right before they met there goal. So I decided to throw the party for them anyway! I let them plan it all out, then I provided all the stuff.

Here is the class (+ Maisey) with their gingerbread houses!!!
We played a game

and another game!

It was a lot of fun! We also watched Home Alone and ate ourselves silly!

I really miss this crazy bunch of 10 year olds! But at least I will see the girls in a few years in YW!

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