Friday, December 31, 2010

The Grimmett's Visit

Maisey loves her Grandma and Grandpa Grimmett and she was so excited that all of her "families" were coming to visit.

On there way into town, we met them at Sweet Tomatoes. Maisey had been feeling ok all day, so I thought it would be fine to bring her. As soon as we got there she told me she felt like she was going to puke. I felt her head and she was burning up! :(
So she spent the first few minutes laying in the booth next to me, until we decided we better wait in the car to try to avoid another puking episode at the same restaurant. (a little over a year ago, she was like a fountain spewing puke all over! The family at the table next to us was mortified!)
Everyone else enjoyed their dinner and we all met back up at home. We exchanged Christmas gifts. We got 3 new games which we spent the whole next week playing!!!
On Wednesday, Shaun's family went to spend time with some friends. I decided to stay back because I didn't want to spread whatever my kids had!
It's a good thing I did because this was what she looked like all afternoon! This was the 3rd day of this for Maisey and the 5th in a row between both kids! I am SO over this!

The next day the kids seemed to be feeling a little bit better! They were able to play some games with Grandma and Papa!

And some dress-up with Uncle Ryan! They sure do love all of their friends!

We also headed to the church to play some basketball! It was so fun! We had some pretty close games, and in the last game I made the game winning shot! I haven't played ball since my beginning basketball class at BYU before I got pregnant with Maisey! I had SO much fun!

Friday was New Year's Eve and our last night with our family! We celebrated East Coast time so Miss Maisey didn't think she was missing out on anything!

Maisey and Daddy doing cheers with their apple cider!

We used our new ice cream sundae lazy susan
and made some yummy sundaes!

Happy New Year!!!

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