Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with Grammy

Grammy is going to spend Christmas in Colorado this year with Shayla, Derick, and Luke, so we decided to celebrate Christmas with her early!
Shaun really missed out on having a drumstick for Thanksgiving dinner! Those are his favorite, so I told him I would make a Turkey during Christmas time and he could have one! So today, before church I stuck one in. I thought I got a picture of it but maybe it was on my mom's phone! But it was AWESOME!!! And I don't even like turkey very much! It was really moist and flavorful! Both Shaun and my mom said it was the best turkey they had ever had! I was pretty proud of myself!
After dinner we exchanged gifts with grammy!
She got each of the kids a few toys. . .
. . . and made them blankets. Maisey's is Cinderella and she LOVES it! (P.S. Please don't ask what she's wearing! She changed herself after church)

Gagey got a dinosaur blankie and a really cute dinosaur flashlight and book.

But what Gage really loved was this! It's an ice cream lazy susan server for ice cream sundae toppings! My mom gave it to Shaun and I with a gift card to buy stuff to go with it! SO CUTE!

My mom also gave the kids some games. Elefun and Gator Golf. These were both big hits with the kids! :)
We had a fun early Christmas with Grammy. The kids got a little confused as to why we weren't opening all of our presents tonight but it was still fun.
Then Maisey got to go home with Grammy tonight for a girls only sleepover!
In the morning they are making sugar cookies together!
We sure love our Grammy!

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