Monday, December 27, 2010

Out of Order!

I have so much to update on!

Nap time has been a DISASTER today, so this will be quick.

I have 2 sick kids now!

Gage spent all of Christmas puking and diarrhea-ing! The puking has subsided, but not the other thing! He also has this nasty croupy cough, snot spewing out his nose, a fever, and a sore throat.

Maisey's bladder infection cleared up 2 days ago. But now she has the same horrible cough as her brother and a fever.

I stayed home from church with them yesterday. I decided to rearrange Maisey's room to fit all of her toys from Christmas! I like the way it looks.

I had been in bed for 30 min. last night before Maisey woke up in a coughing attack. I ended up in her bed with her, rubbing her back and tummy while she coughed in my face! I'm sure I'll be the next victim of this nasty cough.

At some point last night we had both fallen asleep . . . until she fell off her bed right onto a wooden stool. So at 1:30 am, I stumbled to the freezer to get an ice pack for her and fell back into her bed!

I'm tired!

There will be real updates coming, but not for a while! Shaun's fam comes tomorrow!

It's probably safe to say I won't be back til next year and there will be lots of back-dated posts!

So, happy 2011 to all of you!

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Trevor and Amy said...

Em I miss you! We need to plan another get together soon!