Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Rest of Christmas Day

After we finished opening gifts we ate a delicious breakfast,
during which Gage ended up puking his guts out. (He didn't even want a cupcake that his sis snuck for him!)
After a while, he seemed to be feeling better so we let them go outside to play with their toys!
Maisey had been asking for a scooter for months! She was pretty good on that thing!

And Gagey wanted to play with his old favorite toy! He totally has Flinstone feet in it! He's such a cutie!

We came back in and played with all the rest of our toys. Maisey played dress up forever! We also watched a couple of our new movies.

In the evening, we decided to put the kids in the car and drive down to Keizer to do the Christmas light route again! The kids love it! We could have done it every night of December and it wouldn't have gotten old for them!
Oh, and Maisey LOVED riding in her new seat for the first time!
After we got home, we had more puking, and high fevers from both kids!
Merry Christmas to us!!!

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