Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I just spent the last hour playing puppy with the kids. I was the puppy. They would feed me, pet me, cover me up to sleep. They laughed. I laughed. I had laundry to fold and dinner to make but it didn't matter. It was nice to be laughing together.

Dad called for a mid-week family movie night, which NEVER happens. He is stopping to pick up pizza on his way home and we are all going to cuddle on the couch and watch Polar Express.

Aaaaand, I ate part of an ice cream sundae for lunch today, while venting. It felt good. Thanks! :)

Things will get better, I can only improve from the mistakes I've made. It's all about the attitude!

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Desiree said...

Sounds like you could really use the night off! Hope you have a nice night snuggling with the family. Remember not to be too hard on yourself, you're a good Mom.