Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gage and the Kitties

So our neighborhood has a lot of pets in it. Unfortunately, I am NOT a pet person. And I dislike them even more when they POOP all over my yard. It's seriously ridiculous. Anyway, my kids aren't really pet people either. Like, when the neighbor lets their two small dogs run around in the cul-de-sac, we have to go inside because BOTH kids scream and yell and cling to my legs while trying to climb up me. But one day, these two kitties (who climb up our screen door, grrrrr!) caught Gage's eye. He was really scared of them at first, but then started warming up to them.
  It started as a stare down.
 Then it lead to him chasing them.
 Then he slowly got brave enough to pet them.
And before I know it, he's saying "Wook, Mama!" as he is coming at me with one!

Another kitty story:
I loaded the kids in the car one day and left the door from the garage to the house open as I ran back inside the house to grab something. When I came back up to the front of the house to go to the car, these same two kitties were INSIDE my house!!!! Ahhhh! I had to pick them up, ewww, and take them outside. I ran back inside to wash my hands (this time I shut the door from the garage to the house) and when I came back out, the kitties had come back into the garage and were hiding under my van. I had to sweep them out from under the car with a broom just so I wouldn't run over them.

Have I ever mentioned how much I don't like animals, especially when they aren't even mine! But apparently Gage has taken a liking to these two cats.


that's what she said...

haha...you are JUST like me. NO pets! we took a fieldtrip for preschool the other day to the pet store and i was like, "this is fine, but this is where pets live, at the pet store. not at houses!"

Dana and ohana said...

i know what to get you for christmasssssss!