Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Weekend Wrap Up

We started off our weekend at the Elder's Quorum Halloween Party, which we were in charge of.

 We made our costumes, and everyone loved them. Not very many people from the ward knew that I was pregnant. Those that read my blog did, but that's about it. It wasn't a secret, but it's just awkward to be like "Hey I'm pregnant!" So this was a nice way to kind of announce it, although some people still did not get it! Haha!
 This was our drink and voting table for the costume contest!
 A big group shot of everyone who came. Some people got very creative with their costumes, and well, some didn't. But we still had a fun night!

On Saturday morning, we dropped the kids off at a birthday party and went to the church to set up the for the carnival and trunk or treat that would happen later that night. Maisey begged to go as anything BUT Ruby to the party, so she made a perfect Snow White. If Maisey wasn't Ruby, there was no use in MAKING Gage put his Max costume on so he chose to be a pirate. He was so dang cute walking around saying "arrrgh" with a really straight pointer finger! Haha!

Saturday night we went to the aforementioned carnival and trunk or treat, however I did not take a single picture. I actually left my camera under a chair in the room where the cupcake walk was taking place and somebody turned it into the Bishop. By the time I had gotten wind that it was even missing my friend had grabbed it for me. I tried to get to her before she gave it to Shaun (I really didn't want him to find out that I left it!) but it was too late. Oh well. At least it was safe. But that is why there are no pictures. The night was as crazy as ever and Gage was as grumpy as ever, so we were one of the first cars to roll out of there that night.

By the time Halloween came around, I was kinda done with the whole holiday! Our friends invited us over for dinner in a pumpkin (which was actually really good!) and green goblin bread. Then we headed out trick or treating!
 The 5 kiddos before dinner!

Maisey was really excited about this treat! It was probably a plain Hershey bar! Those are her favorites!

Gage tried opening the door at almost every house. There was one house that he actually got it opened before the people came to the door. YIKES! Here he is trying to open a garage door!

The 4 trick or treaters! They sure were cute that night!

All of the Halloween decorations were taken down by 9:30 am Tuesday morning! We put up a few (3) Thanksgiving decorations for a few weeks until we break out the Christmas stuff! We've already been listening to Christmas music for two weeks! Bring on the next holiday!


Randi said...

i love the baby skeleton and sean's food skeletons hahaha.

Monica McCoy said...

Love your costumes! A great idea.