Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parades and Other Fun

 Maisey made a parade out of all of the characters, blocks, and legos that we have. She was so excited and she played her recorder as the Grand Marshall of the parade. She's very creative.

 Gage thought her parade was pretty cool and he was sad that he couldn't be apart of it (because he is the destroyer of all things) so the next morning he made a parade out of cereal boxes!

 He made himself a bed on the kitchen floor and said, "I go nigh-night"

 One day the kids climbed in the dryer with wet clothes in there. YUCK!

And, last but not least, Maisey got a haircut. 
She now looks like Rapunzel at the end of Tangled when her hair gets cut and turns brown.


Desiree said...

Very cute hair. I love to see your fun kids, they are pretty funny.

that's what she said...

and i bet she loves looking like rapunzel-so cute!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

I love that they turn YOUR kitchen into THEIR playroom:)