Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maisey Lately

Maisey has been super creative lately, which often times leads to the biggest messes! I decided to take pictures of her last creation to document it.

She set up a tea party for every stuffed animal/doll in our house. She set up all of the chairs around the ottoman. When she ran out of chairs she decided to dump out every bin of toys from the play room to use as seats for her guests.
Here is another view of her tea party.

And this is what the play room looked like after she was done setting up! Clean up was extra long that night.
To sign in at preschool, Maisey has to write her name on a white board then put it in a pocket chart. She usually hurries through it and writes whatever way she wants, which usually means all capital letters. This particular day, I told her to slow down and use lower case letters. She did such a great job!

She also found an activity in one of her coloring books and asked if I could help her do it. I helped her with the very first "P" and she did all of the rest. She would bring her book to me after each word and have me read it to her. She really enjoyed this activity!

She is also really working on learning to read. We have a set of BOB books and she can read the first 2 books in the set. She really knows the words because I will point to words in other books that I know are from her BOB books and she can read them to me. She is getting site word flash cards for Christmas and this girl will be reading in no time!

Sometimes, she is too smart for her own good. A few weeks ago, she was laying in bed and she came running into my room. She told me that there was not a real Santa Claus. I asked her why she thought that and she said she was just laying there thinking about it, and there is no way there could be one. There was no way he could fly to all the houses in the whole world. And that people can't really fly. And that there is no such thing as magic. I was surprised. Usually your oldest child believes the longest because he/she doesn't have older siblings to spoil it for them. And, she doesn't even go to school with bigger kids so it's not like somebody told her. She just figured it out on her own. She's too analytical.

So when my mom gave her the Elf on the Shelf, she wasn't too keen of the idea at first. She again told me that the elf couldn't be magic because magic was not real. I told her to just try it out for a few nights. She was very surprised but still skeptical when the elf showed up in a different spot the next morning. I'm still not sure she REALLY believes it all, but we're going along with it.

I'm just sad that my little baby girl has already lost the magic of the holiday.

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