Saturday, August 25, 2012

Miley is 3 months!

She turned 3 months old on August 12. 

Miley's firsts this month:

* First visit to another state (Seattle, WA)
* First trip to the beach
* First time swimming
* First trip to a baseball game
* First time meeting Papa
* First time in the Bumbo
* First giggle

Other info:
She had slept 14 nights in a row (10 pm - 8 am), but then family came into town and we went to the beach and to Seattle and she hasn't slept through the night since Aug 3 (the first night everyone was here.) :( Now, she only wakes up between 4 am and 5 am and eats for like 10 minutes then goes right back to sleep most nights.

She started to giggle this month. For a while, Maisey was the only one who could get her to laugh, but now we all can. 

Right before she hit 3 months, she stopped nursing well, or at all really. It's really strange. It lasted for almost a week. It has gotten a little bit better, but still not where we were. 

She is a lot more aware of things. She always has her head up and her eyes wide just looking around at everything. She always likes to be held facing out.

She definitely has a favorite blankie. It's silky on one side, soft and fuzzy on the other side. We only have one, so when it gets washed she is pretty sad.

She still spits up all the time, so there fore she always smells sour. We call her our stinky baby. 

She is starting to tolerate her car seat a little bit more. There have been times when I've been driving and I think she's asleep because she's not crying and she will just be wide awake. 

She still likes her bouncy and grabs a hold of the the toys and even pushed the button on the fish. She likes to put the toys in her mouth.

Here she is watching Gage play the iphone.

And here she is watching Gage drive his cars. He sure can entertain her.

Getting big! 
We took the newborn head support out this month.

We sure love this cute baby girl!

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