Saturday, August 25, 2012

Random Happenings

Grammy bought a new chair and gave the kids box to play in. We cut out windows and a door and the kids spend lots of time in there.

One day they got their blankets and pillows and we set up a movie in there for them. They thought that was pretty special.

Madi and Jack got to come a play for the day. Miley loves Madi.

These kids are obsessed with the iphone. 

Maisey got this cute sand art project for her birthday.

I am doing our Stake Triathlon again this year. It's coming up in just a few weeks. My mom and I did the bike and run route last Saturday morning. My mom hit a curb and crashed on her bike. Some lady stopped and asked if she was ok and if she was having a heart attack. I helped her wipe all of the dirt off and put her chain back on her bike then we kept riding. She got more and more sore throughout the weekend, but no serious injuries! Whew!

I made delicious sugar cookies for the young women. I always dread making them, but I love eating them!

We did Play-doh a day last week

and Maisey made this awesome pig complete with a curly tail!

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