Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pajama Party

Maisey kept begging me for a Pajama Party. We decided to do one as a end of the summer party (mostly because Mom kept putting it off all summer!). So we sent out invites, bought some treats, popped some popcorn and threw a party!

 We had yogurt covered pretzels, peach rings, gummy butterflies, popcorn, and capri suns!

 The kids each brought their own pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal. Maisey's friend April brought her American Girl doll so Maisey was pretty much in heaven!

This is how Daddy and Miley enjoyed the movie!

It was such a simple and easy night to plan and the kids had so much fun. We may be doing this one again!

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mark lawrence said...

Lovely party! I am really happy for my cousin enjoying her golden period. Invited all of us for her bachelorette get together at one of the gracious Los Angeles event venues next week. Excited to meet everyone. Red and black theme for outfits is decided. Bought a designer bag, perfume and glares for her. Hope he likes the gifts.