Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maisey's Big Surprise

Maisey's 5 year old birthday surprise was a trip to Seattle to go to the American Girl Doll Store. 
She had no idea why we were stopping at a mall. She was actually kind of sassy about it. I think I remember her saying, "It's my birthday and I don't want to be at the mall!" But we brought her in anyway, and I'm pretty sure she is glad that we did. Once we went into the store, just Grammy and Mommy came along. Daddy took Gage and Miley to hang out in the mall for a few hours. It was just a special "big girl" day!

In this picture, she still doesn't know where she is. Shaun carried her with her head looking the other way so she had no idea.

This is her when she first turned around! Soooo excited!

When we walked in the door they gave her a birthday sticker to wear. We found the doll that she wanted. (it's one that looks just like her!)
and picked out some outfits to go with it.

Maisey loves McKenna and watched the McKenna movie a few weeks ago. She was excited to "meet" her.

I had made lunch reservations at the little restaurant inside the store, so we headed there next.

Maisey loved the little high-chair that her doll got to sit in.

The 4 girls enjoyed lunch together in this fun atmosphere. 

  Then the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday to her and she got to eat a little cupcake.

After lunch, Maisey's doll had an appointment at the hair salon.

She chose one braid on the side. 
This doll totally looks like Maisey!

After several hours in the store, we left with one doll (with beautiful hair), three outfits, full tummies, and HUGE smiles! It was such a special day and it was so fun to see the joy and excitement on Maisey's face.


Desiree said...

April noticed Maisey's dress right away at church on Sunday after. She mentioned it to me, and thought that was pretty neat when I told her what she did for her birthday. That doll really does look like her!

that's what she said...

That is too cute!