Saturday, August 25, 2012


I figured since the girls both got an update, I would post a little about Gage lately.

Gage had a rough week the first week of August. It started with him falling off of Maisey's top bunk, hitting his head on her dresser, then bouncing all the way to the floor. He got a pretty big bump on his head. Then we went to the beach, where he threw up sand, then he got a bloody nose at a park, then he got a pencil to the eye. That last one was a pretty close call.
The kids like to use un-sharpened pencils as drum sticks. Gage made Maisey mad so she went running back to her room and Gage followed her with his two "drum sticks." Well, Maisey slammed her bedroom door shut and one of the pencils hit the door and Gage kept running, and the pencil hit his eyelid about a 1/4 inch above his eye, and split it open. It could have been so much worse. 

We were having the missionaries over for dinner that night and Gage was kind of embarrassed about his eye so he decided to cover it and the rest of his face with Cars stickers!

Gage apparently really likes to sleep in the buff because at nap time and bed time he takes his jammies off. He stays all dry so it's not a big deal, I just think it is funny that he does it.

He also lays right behind his door and one day I found him like this.

We went to the splash park a day last week because it was almost 100* so we didn't get naps in. He totally konked out in the chair until 5 pm and still went to bed that night! He must have been tired!

His first slip n' slide experience!

He also put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet then flushed it. Water was everywhere! What a mess to clean up!

He is such a good big brother to Miley. 

He likes to help entertain her. She watches him so intently.

He slept in undies over night for the first time and kept them all dry. What a big boy!

 He also learned how to open the cupboard that has the chips, crackers, cereal, and cookies. Uh-oh!

He also learned how to open the pack of ritz crackers by himself!

Sometimes this boy drives me absolutely crazy. But then he asks me to cuddle him in the chair and all of that craziness goes away. He can be so wild and out of control one minute and the next minute be my sweet little boy. I guess you have to have the crazy times to make the sweet times so special.

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