Friday, February 8, 2013

$50 Wedding

We have a lady in our ward whose son got married. About a month before the wedding my friend offered to do all of the decorations for the reception, and she recruited me and a few other friends to help. 

We had a $0 budget, 4 strands of white lights, and about 6 feet of white tulle.

Enter some serious brainstorming.

Then I remembered my mom kept a lot of decorations from my sisters and my wedding. 

We made due with 5 large bins of decorating stuff, plus 2 big boxes of ribbon and tulle.

Then I bought 10 vases, the other gals bought some table cloths and some black beans and we had ourselves a Fifty Dolla Wedding!

The Thursday night set-up

 They were supposed to have an archway but never found one, so we got creative and made our own on a wall!

 Dana and Tab hard at work!

This swag was put together with several different flower bunches and bead strands.

 Cake Table

 Guest Tables


Table

Gift Table

 And some good friends. . .

. . . having a good time trying out our makeshift arch!

 I was exhausted after setting up and still had to run to the store, so I splurged and treated myself to half of a cherry coke! 

Friday Night Recpetion:
 This is the only picture I got at the actual reception.

 Shaun had a snow tubing work event at Mt. Hood that day and didn't get home until 7 pm. I sent my big kids down to Grammy's for a sleep over but I still had Miley with me. I had a YW there to help with her but she (Miley) was being really cranky, so I helped where I could for the first hour.

Then Shaun came and rescued her (doesn't she look sad?) and I stayed until the very last decoration was boxed up!

It was a long couple of days, but I know the lady in our ward was very appreciative. To be honest, the closer it got to the wedding, the more I was dreading doing it. I was just kind of in this negative funk (the same one that seems to appear every January!). But serving others and serving with my friends must have been just what I needed to pull me out! I actually enjoyed myself and enjoyed my time with the other ladies!

And there you have it! A simple $50 wedding reception!

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