Friday, February 8, 2013

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons started last night for Maisey and Gage. 

 Poor Miley. She was sooooo excited as we walked into the pool. She thought she was going swimming. Maybe when Shaun comes he can take her!

 Maisey was great. I was really impressed with how much she remembered from last summer. She also has one of the young women from our ward as her teacher, so she is really excited.

 Gage did well too. He blew bubbles, dipped his face in the water, and had strong kicks. His teacher came up to me after and said that his goals for the next five weeks are:
1) Put his whole head underwater
2) Pay attention better
Uhhh... he's 3! I thought he did a pretty good job for him!

 Gage is in the middle on the "margic carpet" and Maisey is right behind them swimming with her teacher!

 When we got home, I was getting the bath started to throw the kids in and Gage decided to stand in the middle of the bathroom floor and pee. :( Not a happy mama when bedtime is in 20 minutes, I'm single-parenting it, and I have to clean up a puddle of pee and wash bathroom rugs. Boo!

The kids are looking forward to the next five weeks of lessons and I'm looking forward to Shaun being here the next five weeks to help!

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