Friday, February 15, 2013

Field Trip: Portland Aquarium

Maisey had a class field trip yesterday to the new Portland Aquarium and I got to go with her as a chaperone. I only had 3 girls in my group and we had such a fun time. 

 Maisey and her friend on the bus! So exciting!

 Maisey had a bird on her arm and she was too scared to turn around so I only got a pic of her back! I was surprised that she was even brave enough to let it land on her. 

 Reading the fact sheets about birds

 Maisey's 2nd grade friends from our ward!

 I love the fish eyes!

 Trying to pet sting ray, baby sharks, and fish.

 Every time one would swim close enough to her that she could touch it she would get so excited!

 An aquarium worker showing my group some shark skin.

So glad I got to spend the morning with my spunky Kindergartener!

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