Friday, February 15, 2013

Be Mine

Our Valentine's Day was kind of a 3-day celebration! Wednesday the kids had their class parties, Thursday was actual Valentine's Day, and Friday Shaun and I are going out to celebrate.


 Miley in her Valentine jammies

 Gage lookin so handsome!

 And my sweet 5 year old Valentine who tried to make her school uniform as festive as she could!

 Maisey came home from school and said to me, "Mom, you go take a chill on the couch while I show you all of my Valentine's!" Love her!

Gage's favorite Valentine was one that said "I wheelie like you" because it came with a truck and candy!!!

 The kids found jammies or an outfit and a little treat at each of their spots on the table. 

 And I found a box of See's chocolates in my spot! YUM!!!

We had heart-shaped pink chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

It was kind of a chaotic day. I ran out the door with Maisey for her field trip, Shaun tried working from home, but spent most of the morning playing with Gage and Miley and not getting much done. Then in the afternoon I had another appointment (more on that later!) and then finally home to make heart-shaped ravioli and biscuits for dinner, then off to swim lessons. 

We swam as a family after lessons for a bit.

When we got home we did baths, scriptures, stories, bed. When I started cleaning up I realized we left Maisey's goggles at the pool so I had to run back. By the time I got home I was so exhausted and not feeling well, that I fell asleep on the couch and Shaun had to help me back to bed!


Shaun and I are going out tonight. Nothing too romantic, just going to dinner and running kid-free errands that we never get to do together. I was really looking forward to it all week, but I woke up really not feeling well and with a stiff and sore neck. Hopefully I can rest a little bit this afternoon so I can enjoy this evening!

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