Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of Preschool

Gage's last day of preschool was last Friday. It was really sad to think that our kids will never be taught by Teacher Angela again. :( Maisey and Gage have learned so much during their years at her preschool.

We ended the year with a family picnic and the preschool kids sang two songs.

#1 - The preschool kids are singing I'm Going on a Bear Hunt
#2 - The "preschool stars" made a cute little card for Teacher Angela and gave her some movie tickets and candy!
#3 - Gage is showing off his fuzzy little tail from the Bear Hunt song.
#4 - Gage is singing A Tooty Ta with his elbows back, and tongue out

We are really going to miss all of the fun things about this preschool!

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