Monday, May 13, 2013

Miley's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Miley's birthday on Saturday because Daddy had to go out of town Sunday morning. We got the party started with a fun family swim outing!

Maisey was even brave enough to go off the diving board!!!

This girl was totally in her element. She loved the wave pool and would squeal in anticipation of each wave. It was fun to see her so happy!

After swimming we headed home to open her birthday gifts!

Gage gave her a pillow pet, Maisey gave her an Abby Cadabby plate, cup, and bowl, and a book. Grammy gave her a doll house (a big hit!!) and Mommy and Daddy gave her a water table, a beach towel and pool toy, a bubble machine, and some clothes! She loved eating the wrapping paper while her siblings "helped" her open her gifts!

Then we had have a BBQ with Miley's little friend and his family!

 Fun with the water table

Then we broke out the cake!

She cried when we sang to her, but had fun with the cake once all of the attention was off of her!

And she happily shared with her friends and siblings!

We had such a fun day celebrating our little Miley!

And to top it off, 
she was on the news the next morning!!!


Trevor and Amy said...

She is SO cute!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Thanks for letting us share in her celebration!