Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Phone Pics

 He is the cookie monster at our house, and the biggest food sneak! In that second pic that is a WHOLE box of Vanilla Wafers. :(

Miley and her morning banana. It's bigger than her head!

 They both loved the fish in the doctor's waiting room.

 He's my little photographer. He takes a million pics on my phone and any time he can get his paws on my real camera he will!

Gage and I were watering the garden while Miley was swinging. I ran inside for a minute and came back out to find Gage about 6 inches from Miley's face with the hose on. :( I then took the hose and sprayed him in the face and asked if he liked it. He said, "YES mom!!!" while giggling. Of course!

 So the clothes came off and our garden watering turned into an impromptu sprinkler day!

This girl is speedy quick and learns new things everyday, like how to get into the fridge and how to open the screen door! We're in trouble!

Gage got his hair "cut" by his dad!! I may have cried a little. Good thing it grows fast!


that's what she said...

love all the updates. Bennett is totally like gage with food. i have to have a lock on the pantry door because otherwise he would eat all day long. and man, poor baby with the hose!!!

Desiree said...

I cannot trust any little boys at my house with the hose at all! In fact we have to keep the faucet knobs detached and keep them inside. Aaron used to be a little stinker with it, and still is! Poor Miley, I feel for her. I was wondering about his hair cut because I've never seen it that short before.