Sunday, May 12, 2013

Miley is O.N.E.

I may have kinda cried all week about the fact that my baby  was going to be one. I counted down the days and then once Friday came, I counted down the hours! But, despite my crying and begging, she went ahead and turned one anyway.
 I miss my little baby! Here she is every month of her first year of life!

* You have changed so much in the last month. Mostly your mobility. You started full-on, forward crawling on April 18. Then you went straight to cruising furniture. Yesterday and today you stood on your own for a long time, and you even took one step toward Grammy tonight. It won't be too much longer until you are running away from me! 

* Speaking of moving, you love when people chase you. You think it's the funniest when Daddy does it because he makes gorilla noises as he chases you down the hall. You also love to crawl away from me in the 2 seconds it takes me to roll up your diaper during a diaper change. Your favorite place to escape to -- Mom and Dad's room to turn the computer on and off. Sometimes you'll push the button several times before I can get to you. 

 * You started sleeping on your tummy this month. You are a really good sleeper except for the days where you only get one nap. On those nights you wake up about an hour after we put you to bed, almost as if that was your second nap for the day. The problem is cry really hard and are really grumpy. I was hoping to transition to just one nap a day soon, but we'll have to see. You still love to sleep with both you blankies and both your babies. You start with your paci in, but you can put yourself back to sleep in the night with out it. You really are a good sleeper!

* You started taking your pants off at night. I'd say about three nights a week we find you pant-less when we check on you. At least you still keep your diaper on. Knock on wood!

* We switched you to whole milk two weeks ago because we ran out of formula and didn't want to buy another huge Costco can. Sometimes you down a whole sippy cup in like five minutes. Other times you take drinks then just let it drool out of your mouth. I don't like when you do that because it makes a really big mess and leaves things smelling sour, especially your car seat.

* You don't eat baby food anymore. You pretty much feed yourself. Every once in a while I will feed you yogurt or applesauce from a spoon. For the first three or four bites you touch the spoon to your lips to make sure you like what I am about to feed you. Then after that you scarf it down. You love love love hot dogs and can usually beat your brother and sister when eating one. You also have a whole banana every morning which is usually accompanied by a pancake. There isn't anything that I have given you that you won't eat.

* You gag yourself a lot. With food, with your finger, with a toy. You think it is funny. Every time I hear it I turn to look at you to make sure you aren't choking. And when I look at you, you giggle. Like I'm playing peek-a-boo or something.

* We turned your car seat around so you don't have to crank your neck to watch the dvd player. You like that you can see mommy now, and you LOVE watching Elmo in the car. You even laugh at all of the same parts as your brother and sister.

* Gage only calls you Mi Mi or Mi. When people ask his what his little sister's name is he usually responds, "Mi". His primary teacher finally asked me last week what your real name was because Gage never uses it. The rest of us call you Mi Mi or Mi too, but we also occasionally use your real name.

* You don't take things from strangers! If you drop a toy out of the cart when we are shopping an
d a stranger gives it back, you won't take it from them. But you will blow kisses or wave to people who give you attention. You're a funny girl to watch in social settings. I guess you're still trying to figure everything out.

* You can say three words: Mama, Dada, and Uh-Oh. That last one is a new one, and it is by far your favorite one. You love to drop something and then repeat "Uh-Oh" until someone picks it up for you (but not a stranger, haha!) Your brother and sister love to play this game with you because they love to hear you talk.

You have an obsession with my phone. You like to look at pictures of Elmo on Google Images and you know how to swipe your finger across the screen to get to the next picture. Soon you'll be texting your BFF!!

Miss Miley, I can't believe you joined our crazy family one year ago. We have had so many fun adventures over the last year and I can't wait to embark on many more with you. Your complete our family, and we love you so much!

Happy Birthday, my baby!


that's what she said...

so sweet! happy birthday big girl!!!

Jenny said...

Love it! Happy Birthday, Miley!