Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day

Usually we spend Memorial Day doing yard work! But this year, it was raining, so we spent it having fun instead!!!

We started the day at Inflatable Kingdom. This was Miley's first time going down huge slides and bouncing around. Let's just say she cried anytime we stopped or had to wait in line to go down a slide. She L.O.V.E.D. it!!! The other kids had a blast too! (Oh, and a side note, Shaun and I competed against each other in one of those arcade basketball game things, and I whomped him, 81-29!)

Then we headed to lunch at Burgerville! We made the kids eat a hamburger (instead of chicken nuggets) and it turns out everyone likes them! We may have told them it is like eating meatloaf on a bun. What ever works, right?

During quiet time I took Maisey to get her hair cut. I asked for an A-line cut that started a little below her chin and we ended up with a bob that started above her chin. Oh well, it grows fast! We stopped at the store on the way home to buy some cute little clips to sass it up with! 

We went to an indoor BBQ (remember, it was raining!) that our friends organized. We had fun visiting with everyone and eating while the kids ran around!

For FHE that night we made "The Grimmett's Summer List" with all of the fun things we want to do this summer. I think we can get to all of them. I'll have to report back at the end of the summer!


Desiree said...

That's a great list! We have a lot of the same things on our list, maybe we'll run into you guys sometime.

that's what she said...

cute hair! I need to make our list too. I've been stockpiling ideas on pinterest but haven't organized it yet. :)