Friday, May 31, 2013

Maisey's Jog-a-thon and Music Concert

Last week was a busy week for Maisey at school.

First, she ran in her jog-a-thon! 
Her and a friend ran the whole thing holding hands. It was really cute! They ran 10 laps, Way to go! She helped raise $75 for her school. Thank you to all of her family who supported her!

Then she sang in her school's Spring Music Concert! She sounded beautiful!

Her fan club came to support her! 
(And apparently Gage was too cool to sit with the fam. It's starting already. . . )

And no performance is complete without a trip to Lime Berry to celebrate! A couple of Maisey's friends from her class had the same idea. They girls had fun sitting together and giggling!

We are so proud of Maisey and her hard work at school this year!

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