Monday, November 11, 2013

Apple Night

I was in charge of the combined young men/young women activity at church last week. We decided to have an apple night.
 Of course my little side kick was happy to help me get things ready!

We started the night off with an apple relay. Then we split them into groups to participate in three different stations.

 Station #1 - Who could make the longest consecutive apple peel. A 14 year old boy won!

 Station #2 - Bobbing for apples. The boys especially liked this station.

 Station #3 - Caramel Apple dipping. 

 After the groups rotated through all of the stations they got to eat their caramel apples while playing Apples to Apples.

When I got home, I sliced up some apples, put my feet up and enjoyed this bowl FULL of caramel! 

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Danielle said...

caramel apples....mmm!