Monday, November 18, 2013

Shopping, Basketball, Nursery, and More

This is my lame attempt at keeping my blog updated! 

 I've been scouting out the Black Friday ads because we have a few big purchases in mind! We are going to have to tag team it this year and pay for a babysitter because I need Shaun to be at one store while I am at another. Unless, we can find a good deal online before then. . . Let's hope!

 Gage tried doing his own hair one morning. He used the entire container of spiking pomade ten minutes before school started! That was a stressful morning with a lightening fast bath!

 I really enjoyed watching Gage's basketball game this week. He really does get better each week and this week there wasn't any punching at all! Progress!

 And I have to add that he had the cutest fan club there cheering him on!

 While Maisey was at a birthday party Saturday afternoon, Shaun and the other kids and I ran to the outlets to do a little Christmas shopping. I love, love, love shopping with Shaun! It doesn't happen very often (read: like 3 times a year), and I love it more when we don't have any kids with us, but this was still fun!

 Sunday was Miley's first official day of nursery! She was all smiles before church because she had no idea what was coming! We expected a lot of tears, but she didn't cry at all when Shaun dropped her off! We kept peeking in at her and she was eating snacks, climbing up and down chairs, or doing puzzles.

 There were a few tears at the end because she was the last kid picked up. She probably thought we were leaving her there forever, poor girl!

 Gage "surprised" me with breakfast this morning. He was so proud of himself and kept calling himself "restaurant man". Uh.. . too bad he forgot the cereal!

 This babe was devastated when she saw her blankie go into the dryer! It made for a very long hour. I tried distracting her with treats, games, and shows, but she just kept walking back over to the dryer and screaming!

 I may be addicted to these! Sooo lame. What a waste of calories, I know! But I always have them because Miley is addicted to them as well!

 Gage plays with the ABC Alaska train puzzle everyday! He knows almost all of the animal names now, and some of them are hard because they aren't common animal names! 

I worked out today! We are going to attempt family pictures on Saturday, and an extra three pounds off my bod wouldn't hurt right now! I haven't consistently worked out since school has started! We'll see if I can get in all five days this week!

The End!

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Danielle said...

good luck on working out before family pictures-I was seriously annoyed with myself for scheduling pictures the day after Halloween. I could've cared less and ate what I wanted the night before. and black Friday shopping-the world will freeze over before i'll get matt to go, lol. I wish though!