Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Miley: 18 Months

 This sweet and sassy girl is 18 months old today, and she has the attitude of an 18 year old! She is so spunky and opinionated, and loves to get her own way.

She is still obsessed with shoes. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she goes straight to her closet for shoes. She changes pairs often throughout the day. Sometimes I even put her down for naps with shoes in her crib, just so I don't have to listen to her whine! Her favorites: these brown boots, green crocs, and her hot pink converse all-stars.
 She is very opinionated when it comes to getting dressed. If she doesn't want to wear something she kicks her legs and makes a growling sound while you try to put it on. She doesn't like wearing this sequined shirt and often times takes it out of her drawer and puts it in the dirty clothes so her mommy won't make her wear it. I get a laugh out of this every time! And if her Elmo shirt is clean, that is a must wear! She walks around all day pointing to her tummy saying ELMO!!! She also likes putting her coat on and brings it to me multiple times a day to put on. She then stands by the door begging to go outside once she has it on. 

Her favorite place to sit in the house is the bathroom sink. Any time a bathroom door is left open, I can guarantee you she will be sitting in the sink. She climbs up onto the toilet then uses the toilet paper roll to climb onto the counter and then plops her self down into her little oval throne. If she happens to do that in my bathroom she likes to play with my makeup that is out on the counter. Luckily she doesn't know how to open anything or turn the water on. . . yet!
 She likes to brush her teeth and she makes the motions for it by sticking her finger in her mouth and rubbing it back and forth on her molars. That means she wants you to find one of her many toothbrushes. That is her toy of choice when we are driving or running errands. She also doesn't have any personal boundaries when it comes to whose toothbrush she can use. I have found her a few times using my sonicare brush. Oops!

Her hair has these sweet little curls at the bottom that I absolutely love! I run my fingers through them any time she will let me. She also has more hair at this age than the other kids. I wonder how long it will stay like that?
 Miley has a very sensitive spirit. The older kids added the YouTube video "Charlie Bit My Finger" to their favorites list on the iPod so it is easily accessible. When Miley sees this she says "Owwww" and starts crying. It really is sweet and kind of funny. She also doens't like when the big kids watch America's Funniest Videos. She screams and cries anytime someone gets hurt.

Sometimes she crawls around the floor like a baby and giggles about it. She knows when she is doing something and getting attention for it, because then she will step up her game a little and continue doing it. She's a smart girl!
 She is a paci and blankie girl all the way. She has learned how to reach them out of her crib during the day and comes walking down the hall with them. She has only had two pacis since she was born and it is amazing that we still have both of them. It's going to be a sad day when mommy finally stands up to her and takes them away. 

Miley is my animal lover. She chases the neighbor cats around the cul-de-sac and can't let a dog pass by with out attempting to pet it and make a panting sound. She recently discovered this giant horse at Wal-Mart that may just have to find it's way under our Christmas tree. She also loves Elmo, but I'm not sure he counts as an animal!
 Miley weighs in at 23 pounds (unofficially, her check-up isn't for a few more weeks) and has 12 teeth! She takes one nap a day and is awesome at bedtime. She is still a major mommy's girl, but is getting a little bit better when I leave her with a sitter.

She loves to jibber jabber and she occasionally mixes in one of these words: all done, football, go, up, hot, drink, shoes, socks, cheese, more, no, dad, mom, sissy, gagey, ball, that, what, poop, nana (banana), and thank you. She won't say words on command though, she has to initiate them.
I love this sweet little girl to pieces!

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