Friday, May 16, 2014

Bauman's, Bikes, Boots, and Birthdays!

May 5 - 10

Miley and I went to run errands and she was totally loving on the dog toys! Every one in line was laughing at her. 

I finally took down our Easter decor (yes, I know it's May!) and found this nice spider hiding behind my wreath. I may have screamed!!

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo and Grandma Grimmett got to join us, since she was in town!

Then we went to ice cream. . . it's Mexican right?


I took advantage of Grandma Grimmett being here and scheduled an art day for Maisey's class. We did a fun crayon resist project for Mother's Day. The kids came up with some pretty creative projects!

After art, we headed to Bauman Farms with Grandma and some cousins!
I love it in the Spring time because you get to see all of the baby animals. We even got to pet baby bunnies. If I ever got a pet, it would be a bunny!

Fun with cousins!


It was National Bike to School day and Maisey rode the whole way to school! This is the farthest she has ever ridden on her big bike so she was a bit nervous. We have to go up a little hill to get to school and when she got to the top of it she was so proud! I love seeing her confidence build!

A quick snack before heading in the classroom!

We have been working so hard on getting our back yard ready for the summer! This little cutie (Miley!) loves to help and LOVES to wear boots! It's an obsession!


First time with pig tail buns! 

We learned all about silly faces and now she is a pro at them!

And. . . the boot obsession continues!

Shaun took all three kids to run some "mother's day errands" so I got a kid free shopping night, which is pretty much it's own Mother's Day gift! I've been looking for a new handbag for months and haven't been able to find one that fits all my criteria! I tried out a new store, Wilson's Leather, and totally scored! I even face-timed my mom from the store to get her opinion! Funny thing is, I didn't even buy one of these three. I ended up with a white one that I LOVE! (Plus, when it gets dirty in a month, I have an excuse to go back and get a new one!)


Shaun and Gage were supposed to go on a Father/Son camping trip with our church, but it was pretty rainy so Shaun decided to stay home. Gage was pretty bummed out so we decided to have a family camp out in the family room. We set up tents, pulled off Gage's mattress, and all slept out there together. 

Heat, Mattress, Ice Cream, Movie, and Toilet = my kind of camping!

We rented Walking with Dinosaurs so they were all pretending to be dinos. The movie was pretty interesting. Both kids were bawling in the first ten minutes when they watched the boy dinosaur's dad get eaten by a T-Rex. That is definitely not a movie we will be buying, Haha!


We spent the morning at the pool celebrating Miley's birthday! She LOVED the slide!

Gage was super awesome on the rope and could hold on until he was way out into the pool. One time he held on too long and swung back to the wall then let go and almost hit his head!

Our big birthday girl thinking she was pretty hot stuff in the pool!

Maisey worked on her rope skills as well!

We love our swimmer!

After swimming we met up with Grammy and headed to Red Robin for lunch!

We ordered Pretzel Bites for an appetizer and Miley scarfed them down!

She loved all of the birthday attention!

But loved the ice cream even more!

That evening Grammy, Maisey and I went shopping and to Jr. Miss for a girls night out!

I fell in love with this suit for Shaun so I sent a picture to him. Of course, my poser had to jump in it!

Love having Girls Night with these two!

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