Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day and Birthday Celebration

I woke up on Sunday to Gage begging me to go out to the family room. He could not contain his excitement. . . or his secret for that matter. He'd been holding it in for 3 days and he just could not wait one more minute! So he dragged me out there and said, "Ta-Da!!! It's your bench!" I was so excited! Plus I got some See's chocolates which makes it even that much better!

Maisey picked out a Barbie card for me that had this sticker inside. She insisted I wear it to church. Luckily, with kids climbing all over me during Sacrament Meeting it lost its stickiness then I didn't have to walk around anymore looking conceded!

In Primary, the kids wrote on cards and attached them to cupcakes to give to their moms! Having 3 primary kids pays off! Miley happily swung hers to the car!

Love my three babies. . . and my bench! 
(Also, I begged Gage to wear a tie for me since it was Mother's Day and all! Gotta milk the day for all it's worth!)

I was excited to share my day with my baby who was turning two the next day!

After church and pictures she got to change into her birthday dress. . . for more pictures! She loved the dress and kept twirling around in it!

This is by far, the lamest birthday cake my kids have ever had. Call me selfish, but it was Mother's Day and I didn't really feel like working hard on a cake. So I stuck some ponies on it and very quickly, and crookedly, piped a border on it and called it good!

Shaun made delicious carne asada tacos for dinner! This was a first time with this recipe and it will definitely be repreated! I even ate them the next two nights for left overs, and I don't usually eat leftovers!!!

After dinner, we let the birthday girl open her gifts!

She got a new camping chair!

This was her "big" gift from mom and dad! Elsa and Anna barbie dolls! (Those suckers are hard to find, luckily we have a Disney insider who hooked us up!)

This babe couldn't believe that she was holding Elsa and Anna!! It was definitely a mommy moment seeing her get so excited about those dolls!

She tried putting the candles out with her hands while we were singing to her! She eventually figured out how to blow them out after several attempts and a thin layer of spit on the cake! :)

I loved sharing my day with my baby!!!!!


Desiree said...

She's so cute! Can't believe she's 2 already.

Danielle said...

looks like a great mother's day! and her birthday cake is cooler than any of the cakes my kids have ever had, lol.