Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Errands, Heat Wave, and Yard Work

 April 28-May 3

I had to drive my Aunt Sally back to the airport. This time I left after I dropped Gage off at school so I had plenty of time to get her there!

I stopped at IKEA with Miley again, and this time it went a lot better. I came armed with a stroller and snacks and didn't try to use the bathroom! :)

We ventured our for a morning full of errands!

 First Stop: Old Navy. Posing with the mannequins is a must!

 Old Navy shopping cars aren't made for two kids!

 After a few more stores, we made our last at the lake in Keizer. I needed to get some miles in and thought this would be the perfect place for us! We found these soooooo cute baby ducks. The kids loved looking at all of the ducks. Next time we come we will have to bring some bread and corn!

 We got stuck in the middle of a police chase which stopped right by us with police jumping out of their cars with their guns drawn. Gage was in heaven and kept wanting to walk over to talk to the officers. After 2 1/2 miles I decided to pack up and head back home. 

 Gage set up all of his cars for a big race!

 In the afternoon we headed outside. Miley carried around this Costco box of fruit snacks thinking that I would eventually give in to her. . . I didn't!

 Gage got to try out his stomp rocket that he got for his birthday!

 He quickly attracted 13 neighborhood kids! We'll be lucky if this toy stays in one piece by the end of the summer!

 Too Cool for Mom!

 Cutest laundry I've ever seen!

 I went to get Gage's laundry basket and found this frosting hiding on the side of his bed. He's such a sneak!

 Maisey stayed for craft club after school so I loaded the kids up and took them for a run! After I had worked outside ALL afternoon. I was totally sunburned, but I'll spare you that picture!

 Miley's first time ever wearing a night gown, do you think she is excited? Love her!


 My OCD child threw a major fit because I wouldn't let her wear her coat outside!

 Well, according to my car it was 89* outside!

 And according to a reader board in town it was 96*. . . definitely not coat weather!!!


 Maisey came home from school with the Golden Notebook award! The principle chose a student from each class with the cleanest desk, neatest work, and just overall organized. Maisey was the first grader and got to choose out this notebook! She was so excited!

 She's also blowing through each of the Rocket Math Subtraction Levels! So proud of my smarty!


I finally learned how to curl my hair! I had to watch You Tube tutorials, I'm so lame!


We took advantage of the beautiful weather and worked on our back yard all week! 
 I meant to take a before picture, but took this one after I had already weeded 7 of the 9 garden boxes. Just imagine this whole picture covered in weeds!

A bunch of the boxes were dry rotted  so we took some of them out and we are going to rebuild another one soon.

We dug all the dirt out of the boxes and got the ground level.
(Maisey thought it looked like we were burying bodies!!!)
We got two cubic yards of gravel delivered! The delivery guy let Gage push the button to dump the trailer! He was THRILLED!!!!

We built a fire pit and and covered the dirt with landscape fabric.
(Which Gage thought were trampolines. . . sorry dude!)

Then we spent Friday evening spreading the two yards of gravel 

and Saturday we took a big load to the dump!

We still have more to do back there, but we are feeling very great about how much we accomplished this week! Yay for nice weather!!

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Danielle said...

your backyard looks fantastic! like a lot of work too, but I bet you're loving it now! I wish I could remember to water flowers better and I totally would attempt stuff like this. it's hard enough to remember to feed my kids, lol.