Monday, May 19, 2014

Miley is 2!!!

Little Miss Miley turned 2 last Monday but I'm just barely getting around to her birthday post. She's not quite old enough for her own interview so these are things I want to remember about her at this age.

* Miley is all about clothes and shoes. She can correctly identify and name pants, shoes, socks, boots, flip flops, belt, diaper, undies, shirt, dress, coat, jammies, swim suit, and hair pretties. Her absolutely LOVES wearing footie jammies and a coat, even when it is 90* outside.

* Miley calls all kids babies, even if they are twice her size. She has also recently shown interest in baby dolls and likes to snuggle with them and push them in her stroller.

* She loves to go on walks. When we walk to get the mail she throws a fit when we have to turn around to go back home. She just wants to keep riding in the stroller. 

* Miley can now open doors. She used to just shut herself in the dark closets or bathroom and scream but she has finally figured out how to get out of them. Which also means she figured out how to open Maisey's door. Maisey's not so excited about this. And with that new found freedom, she has learned how to climb on Maisey's top bunk. Mom's not so excited about this.

* Miley really is a genuinely happy child with an infectious laugh. Each member of our family is good about getting her to laugh in different ways. She is adored by everyone.

* She is a blankie baby and drags it around the house all day. Her blankie is often accompanied by her pup pup.

* Speaking of pup pup, she is our only kid who is not afraid of animals. She chases the kitties around the neighborhood and freaks out anytime she sees a puppy that she can't pet. She loves seeing the fishies and the gecko and Gage's school. 

* The first thing that Miley has really shown interest in is Frozen. I like that she has a favorite toy, book, and movie now so I have a little bit more parental leverage! :) She walks around the house knocking on doors and saying, "Elsa?" just like in the movie. And she sings Let it Go as she falls asleep every night.

* She is such a sweet heart. She loves to cuddle and read books, and she will hold her arm or leg up to be rubbed. She will beg me to "hold you, hold you" which means she wants me to hold her. 

We really could not imagine our family with out her! 

Love you Mi Mi!!!

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