Monday, May 5, 2014

Gage's Birthday and Chuck E Cheese

Gage had a great 5th birthday! 

 The night before his birthday I stayed up late making his cupcakes! He chose out the colors and the sprinkles and he was so excited for them. That night when I was going to bed I got so excited just thinking about seeing the joy on his face in the morning when he saw these! I love making my kids feel special!

 I got to help at his school for the day! He got to bring a special birthday snack and chose watermelon, graham crackers, mini cupcakes, and chocolate milk! 

 Fishing at school!

 The puppet show master! He did show after show during free-play and always had quite the audience!

 For dinner, Gage chose crepes and sausage! He also asked for barbecue chips! The birthday boy got what he asked for!

 After dinner, he couldn't wait to rip open his birthday gifts!

 He got a Hot Wheels scooter from mom and dad!

 A Lego set from Maisey

 And several smaller Lego sets from Miley!

 He got to face time Aunt Janel and thank her for her silly birthday glasses with a mustache attached!

 He tried out his scooter inside for a bit because it was raining.

 Then we sang to him and let him blow out his candles on the cupcakes!

 Then he had a major meltdown and totally crashed with in minutes! Sometimes it is hard being the birthday boy!

This year is a No-Party year for us so he got to choose something fun to do as a family. He chose Chuck E Cheese! He'd been talking about going for weeks and we finally made it on the Saturday after his birthday. He brought his friend Michael with us!

 Michael, Shaun, and Gage mostly hung out at the car racing games!

 Miley mostly tried to climb up the skee-ball games.

 The kids thought the giant Fruit Ninja game was pretty cool and loved that they could play together.

When Miley wasn't climbing up the skee-ball she was petting the dog inside this ride. She didn't actually like it when the ride was going, she just liked the dog. (Thanks for the photo bomb Barney!)

I'd say his 5th birthday was a success!

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