Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Church and Garden Fun!

I'm posting the first part of our week today because eeearrly tomorrow morning I am headed out of town and I wanted to be all caught up before I left.


I don't have any pictures from this day. But let me tell you, the first 20 minutes of Sacrament Meeting were fun! Gage loudly stated these 3 things:
1. I don't like the bishop! (while he was doing some ward business)
2. That boy looks like a girl!!!!! (about one of the ym who was passing the sacrament.)
and the best of the day. . .
3. He started gagging up his tiny piece of bread and yelled, "What is this, eagle poop??" In all fairness, it was a very seedy kind of bread that he is not used to, but seriously, I was ready to call the day quits!

So I just came home from church and took a 3 hour nap instead! We have almost survived half of the year with 8 am church! 


We had the missionaries over for dinner, and it went surprisingly well. After Sacrament meeting the day before, I was a bit nervous about what we would get. But the kids were well behaved and dinner was delicious! Gage did headbutt Shaun in the lip and caused it to bleed, but it was an accident, so we'll call the night a success!

 After the missionaries left, I had to capture this moment. All three kids within touching proximity of each other AND getting along! Maybe a blessing because we fed the missionaries?


Last week we rototilled the garden boxes and rebuilt the second box. Today I finally got around to planting the garden and I had lots of "helping" hands! I was very clear on when and when not Gage could use the hose so we wouldn't have a repeat of last week! 

 We planted pretty much what we did last year. 2 kinds of pumpkins, cucumber, zucchini, sugar snap peas, string beans, romain lettuce, carrots, and sunflowers. We also spread some wildflower seeds for the first time this year, so we will see how those turn out!

 Yesterday was pedicure day at our house! This is the first time that toddler Miley has had hers done. She did really well holding still and letting them dry! It's fun to see her do big girl things!


 This is what my counter looks like all the time! I think I have an obsession with lists, or stickies? Maybe both!!! Getting ready to leave for a trip is a lot of work, getting ready to leave your husband with 2/3 of your kids is even harder! Haha!

 These two crazies have so much fun together! They are constantly finding some way to make messes be creative! Today they were racing strollers around the house and dumping their contents as they went!

Miley didn't want to get out of the van when we got home from dropping Gage off at school. She kept saying "mo byebie" which translates to "more barbie" so this busy mom obliged! I worked at the table while she finished her movie in the van! I was afraid my car wouldn't start when I had to pick Gage up but it did!


Danielle said...

hahahaha...eagle poop. I seriously cannot stop laughing. I would have died! :)

Tabatha & Michael Stimpson said...

oh so hilarious!!!!!